Our stories

Here we share the stories of children around the country. Children who love Sesame Street, who chase butterflies, who win baseball championships, who bring light, joy, and laughter into their world. Below are their stories, told by those who love them, about the miracles of healthcare, the beauties of insurance without lifetime limits, and the lifeline that Medicaid plays in so many lives.

Colton (IN)
Raphael (TX)
Addison (NV)
Emmet (AL)
Gil (VA)
Myka (CA)
Isabella (OH)
Olive (AR)
Evelyn (OH)
Carter (TX)
Abigail (OK)
Isaac (VA)
Campbell (KY)
Samantha (ME)
Sophia (IL)
Davis (UT)
Melanie (AZ)
James (CA)
Armand (OH)
Dylan (VA)
Anna (VA)
Aadi (NC)
Marge (SC)
Clara (CO)
Hannah (GA)
Charlie (VA)
Frankie (KS)
Pierce (MD)
Timmy (MD)
Carol (NC)
Lydia (NC)
Karuna (IL)
Deacon (OH)
Bree (TX)
Owen (NY)
Faith (ID)