Organizing and packing donated supplies

Organizing and packing donated supplies

The Parker Lee Project has provided the following tips to help ensure that any items you contribute can be used effectively and efficiently once they are received.

As a reminder, please ensure that all items are unused, unexpired, and unopened. All equipment should be in good working condition; please include all chargers.

Suggested packing supplies:

  • Boxes
  • Box cutter
  • Packing tape
  • Ziplock bags (or even some small clear trash bags)
  • Sharpies

Please sort your items into the following categories:

  • Incontinence (e.g., diapers, wipes, urinary pads, Chux pads or disposable underpads)
  • Enteral (e.g, feeding bags, Ferrell bags, feeding extensions, g-tube buttons)
  • Suction (e.g., suction catheters, suction canisters/lids/tubing, suction toothettes)
  • Respiratory (e.g., oxygen tubing/cannulas, pulse ox probes, nebulizer kits)
  • Trach (e.g., HMEs, Trach ties, trachs)
  • Wound care (e.g., tegaderm, tape, DuoDerm)
  • Hygiene (e.g., 2×2/4×4 split gauze, oral swabs, alcohol prep pads)
  • Syringes
  • Formula
  • Equipment (e.g., pulse oximeters, suction machines, feeding pumps)

A few tips:

  • If items come in their original packages of 25/30/50/etc., please be sure to open the box and remove any packing slips that the Durable Medical Equipment company may have put in. Then close the box back up.
  • Please mark the outside of the original box to note it has been checked.
  • Feeding bags and Ferrell bags should be grouped in packages of 30 (one month of supplies). This will assist us in getting these items out to families more efficiently.
  • Feeding bags should be separated by brand and by size (Infinity 500, Infinity 1200, Kangaroo 500, Kangaroo 1000, Kangaroo gravity)
  • Syringes should be separated by mL size and style of tip (catheter tip, luer lock, slip tip, etc.)
  • Every box should be accompanied by an itemized list–what is inside the box and how many of each item. This will assist as we stage and won’t need to recount.
  • Package small (like) items inside ziplock bags. Write the total number of items on the outside of the bag.
  • If a package is open or an item is expired, please discard it.
  • Include like items together (match reference numbers).