About Us



As parents of children with special healthcare needs whose access to healthcare is on the line, we have been thrown into the world of political activism. It’s not a world we envisioned for ourselves, but when it comes to our children, the only choice we have is to keep fighting. Since Republican leaders have introduced legislation that will profoundly affect our families in the worst way, we have been dedicating our time to reaching out to them on Capitol Hill.

We are collecting and sharing stories from families from around the country, who, like ours, rely on access to affordable, quality healthcare to keep our children healthy. We have been taking those stories to Capitol Hill to help our country’s leaders better understand our children and the devastating impacts the proposed healthcare bill would have on them. Our children have been serving as ambassadors, on behalf of other children who are unable to come to Washington D.C., to help our leaders understand that kids who have complex medical needs are real children who aren’t that different from other kids.

Here, we’re sharing the stories of the kids we’ve met along this journey. They’re just kids…but kids who happen to have specialized and complex medical needs. We invite you pull up a chair, get to know our children, and learn why access to affordable, quality health care means everything to our families.

Our stories include…

James, whose mom is a retired police officer and whose dad is a teacher–his parents are worried about the return of lifetime maximums.


Colton, whose dad is a doctor that spends every day caring for other people’s children. Colton relies on secondary Medicaid to allow him to stay home with his family.


Anna, whose dad has spent 22 years in the military. Medicaid covers costs that their insurance does not.



Deacon, who has hypoplastic left heart syndrome. As his mom says, “Medicaid lets a boy with  half a heart be on a baseball team with his friends.”


We’d love to share your story, both here and with your congressional representatives. If you have a story you’d like to contribute, please spend a few minutes and fill out this form.